Imagine you were sentenced to 15 years in prison for writing a tweet or signing a petition. This is the case of Waleed Abulkhair.
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You may not know who Waleed Abulkhair is, but you should. Waleed is a reminder to those of us living in democratic societies to appreciate the freedoms we have. Three years ago, Waleed, a Saudi Arabian human rights lawyer, was imprisoned for signing a petition calling for democracy, and for criticizing the Saudi Arabian government on news outlets and on Twitter. Now you have the chance to take action on Waleed’s behalf.

Waleed started his career in 2007, speaking up for democratic principles, promoting accountability, and defending victims of human rights abuses. On April 15, 2014, the Saudi regime decided to silence Waleed. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

In prison, guards have deprived Waleed of sleep, placed him in solitary confinement, and denied him access to necessary medical treatment. His daughter, born while Waleed was in prison, may grow up without her father.

Imagine if you weren’t allowed to express your opinions. Imagine being sent to jail for a tweet or Facebook post. Imagine not being able to see your family for 15 years because the government didn’t like what you had to say.  


You live in freedom. This means you have the right to think independently, and to freely express your beliefs. One way that Waleed voiced his opinion was by signing petitions calling for a more democratic Saudi Arabia.

You have the opportunity to do what Waleed couldn’t do freely: You can sign this petition for his release.

By signing and sharing this petition, you will:

1) Raise awareness about Waleed Abulkhair’s case
2) Call on King Salman to release Waleed Abulkhair
3) Pressure Saudi Arabia to uphold human rights and freedoms

On April 17, 2017, the Human Rights Foundation will hand deliver the list of people calling for Waleed's release to the U.N. Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia to mark the three-year anniversary of his imprisonment. Raise your voice for Waleed and for others who have been silenced.

We need to collect as many signatures as possible to have the greatest impact, so after you sign the petition please share it with your friends.

Tweet this: .@WaleedAbulkhair: jailed for 3 years for defending human rights in Saudi Arabia. Sign petition to #FreeWaleed 

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Tweet this: .@WaleedAbulkhair: jailed for 3 years for defending human rights in Saudi Arabia. Sign petition to #FreeWaleed

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